I want to thank my dear girlfriend Linda Hadley for showing me this article. I agree with it completely. Vaccines are a hoax. They started on the basis of pure superstition, and then, because enormous profits were looming from it, they morphed it into a "science".

We all know essentially how they are supposed to work: Weak antigens are introduced which cause an immunological response, provoking the buildup of antibodies so that when the real microbe comes along, the body will generate a powerful immune response.

Guess what? Most of the MDs who actually administer vaccines to people don't know much more about it than what I just said. They just know what the general idea is; that's all- even though they may spend their whole day injecting poisons into people on the basis of it.

Most of the diseases for which vaccines are given were waning before the vaccines were introduced. There is NO scientific evidence of disease prevention from vaccines. They have evidence of immunological responses to vaccines, yes. They can change antibody titers with it, yes. But, do they actually prevent disease? It has NEVER been demonstrated. Yet, there are many cases in which vaccines have been shown to cause disease and death.

Look at what has happened repeatedly with the so-called swine flu vaccines. Every time they wind up killing more people with the vaccine than the disease kills. Thank God Americans wised up in 2009 and most of them refused to take the swine flu vaccine that year.

Here's the article that Linda found. Please read it and pass it on. This nonsense has to stop. There are no conditions or circumstances that I would ever take any vaccine. If they tried to force me, I would fight, physically fight. And if the alternative was to leave this country, then I would leave, and good riddance. I'm telling you; we are living in an insane world.