Here is a link which presents 4800+ stories about people on antidepressants who went ballistic and started killing. As you know, the killings have been very much in the news lately. But even the link to antidepressants has been getting some coverage.

Last night, I was watching Geraldo, and he included a segment which featured a debate between a man who has started a new 2nd Amendment group and a woman who is involved in a group advocating gun controls. And to account for the recent wave of murderous gun violence, the man listed several causes, and one of them, which he kept saying over and over, was "pharmaceuticals."

I'm sure the execs at Fox News didn't like that. As you know, pharmaceutical companies are big sponsors of television, and particularly, news programs. Every night on the evening news- whichever channel- at least a third of the ads are for drugs, and it may be closer to half. And many of them are for prescription drugs. They are spending billions of dollars a year to advertise prescription drugs to the general public. Does that mean that in medical practice, it's common for patients to call the shots? To some extent, yes, but don't forget: doctors watch tv too. And today, more than ever before, Medicine is all about conformity.

But, here is what Dr. Peter Breggin says, a non-conforming psychiatrist.

"First, there is no evidence that antidepressants prevent violence and a great deal of evidence that they cause it.

Second, antidepressants almost never cure depression and instead they frequently worsen depression.

Third, antidepressants never cure biochemical imbalances. Instead, they always cause them. There are no known biochemical imbalances in the brains of depressed people until they start taking toxic psychiatric drugs and every person who takes one of these drugs end up with a significant biochemical disturbance in the brain. That's how the drugs work--by disrupting normal biochemical processes in the brain.

Fourth, when all antidepressant studies are examined as a group, rather than cherry-picked by the drug companies, antidepressants are no better than placebo.

FDA approval for an antidepressant requires that the drug companies produce only two positive clinical trials showing that the drug performs better than a sugar pill. So the drug companies carry out numerous studies using their more reliable paid hacks. Back at company headquarters, they then manipulate the data until they can make two studies look positive. Meanwhile, when all the studies are examined in what's called a meta-analysis, the antidepressants are no better than a sugar pill. And of course, they are extraordinarily more dangerous.

Conclusion? Antidepressants are a hoax--in this case, a hoax that is getting people killed."


Here is the link, and I thank Linda Hadley for sending it to me.