I am happy to announce that a project that began because of my vision has come to fruition: the Oswald Innocence Project. It concerns the JFK assassination and Lee Harvey Oswald's complete innocence on the grounds that he was standing outside watching the motorcade at the time the shots rang out, as caught on camera by James "Ike" Altgens in the famous Altgens6 photograph.

The Innocence site  is loaded with information and images, including many comparative collages. And there is a way in which you can become a member of the Oswald Innocence Project, for which there is no cost or obligation. We simply ask that you endorse the following statement:


Members' Position Statement
We, the members of the Oswald Innocence Project, assert that at the time of President Kennedy's assassination, Lee Harvey Oswald was standing in the doorway of the Texas School Book Depository, where he was photographed by James "Ike" Altgens, which categorically exonerates Lee of any and all guilt in JFK's murder. We call upon the media to renounce the official story which impugns him, and we demand that the government cease obstructing justice by promoting a gross falsehood, based on lies, which has allowed the true killers to remain free, unindicted, and unpunished.
If you are up for that, you're in. Here's the address of the site: www.oswald-innocent.com
As you may know, JFK Truth is a passion of mine, and I am very proud to be involved with two renowned researchers: Dr. James Fetzer and Dr. David Wrone.
So please visit our website, and please spread the word. We also have it on these other urls: